Women’s Voices: An Oral History of Israeli & Palestinian Women” is a collection of monologues based on interviews conducted with women from Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is often portrayed in sensational journalistic terms, ignoring the human experiences on the ground. This project aims to focus more on meanings than on facts, allowing each individual a space to establish her own meaning of her life experience. The monologues document the life experiences of Palestinian-Israeli, Jewish-Israeli and non-Israeli Palestinian women, exploring each woman’s  distinct background,  life struggles, aspirations, feminist concerns, and so on.

Oral history is the process of recording oral testimonies with individuals in order to document their life history stories. Oral sources are not found, but are rather generated through a dialogic, self-conscious exchange in which one person – the interviewer – asks questions to another person – generally referred to as the interviewee or narrator. These interviews allow the narrator sufficient time to tell their story in a way that focuses more on meanings than on facts. The content is grounded in reflections on the past, and produces a verbal document that is available to the general public and researchers across disciplines. The method provides rich information about everyday life and insights into the mentalities of those whose perspectives are generally unavailable in the database of public social history. This oral history project is a tool of feminist scholarship, as it allows women a space to tell their stories in their own words.


All interviews conducted by Shimrit Lee                                                                                                                                                             Contact: Shimrit.Lee@gmail.com